Why our company is a good option to choose?


Step 1

Let's get in touch. Call us or send email so we can talk about your work.

Step 2

We meet to discuss the work and your expectations. I follow this with a detailed quotation

Step 3

The work is carried out step by step according to our agreement.

Step 4

The work is completed and ready for your inspection.


1Are there any hidden costs?
Although there are no hidden costs, there are times when we may need to charge extra for unexpected occurrences for instance when replastering a room hidden cables or lintels may be found that need replacing.
2What is the time to repair the bathroom?
If all components are in place and there will be no changes in the course, the renovation takes a maximum of 2.5 weeks at size not exceeding 8m2. If it is a standard bathroom is about 1.5 weeks at the size of 8m2. If it is a wet room or custom made bathroom it is a matter to be discussed
3How long does it take to plaster and decorate the room?
It depends on the size of the room in which the walls are standing and how much "wood work" there is. We set it on the spot
4What is the cost of patching per square meter
Do not we value the work per square meter
5Who buys materials?
We buy because we use proven products (not applicable to paints, tiles and bathroom accessories).

Results of our work

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